Conveyor Slide Lagging
No belt slippage , fast install & maintenance and offer superior traction
Slide lagging are constructed of special compounded wear resistant rubber, integrally molded and vulcanized under high pressure to a heavy gauge steel backing plate which is preformed to the drum diameter.

Diamond groove and spaces on the surface of conveyor slide lagging can increase traction and friction greatly, meanwhile, its function of self-cleaning.

Conveyor Slide lag is a replaceable pulley lagging. The worn out slide lag pads can be taken out between the two existing steel retainers and a new pad can be fixed.

Superior Product Performance

1.Offer superior traction - Slide lagging rubber compounding and diamond pattern grooves offer max. Traction, which can solve the problem of belt slipping.

2.Prolong service life - compared to cold bonding lagging method, the slide lagging fixed on the drum surface by retainers, avoid the lagging material cracks from the metal surface. Clients don’t need to cleaning drum surface when repair or replace the bad lagging materials.


Reduce Downtime

1.Easy operation and installation - the slide lagging can be do without removing drum from conveyor system. No need to clean up drum surface ( to bonding lagging type, clean up drum surface is very important to ensure the bonding performance)

2.Fast replacement - It’s more convenient and easier to replace the lagging pads when need to maintenance conveyor system, because the retainer has welded on drum surface, clients just need to take down the old / bad lagging pads, then replace the new one is ok.


Standard Value

Actual Value

Testing Method

Hardness, Shore A




Tensile Strength. Mpa

> 10



Density (g/cm3)

< 1.5



Elongation at break. %

> 200




<120 mm3

Suitable temperature

-30 ~ 110 C


  • ● HONGXIN developed series of slide lagging pads according to different requirements and working conditions.


  • Series No.


    Style A1

    Suitable for lagging   pulley which conveying capacity larger than 1200 tons/ hour.

    Style A2

    Flame retardant type   lagging material for coal mining industry.

    Style A3

    Wear resistant   lagging material for conveying capacity less than 1000 tons / hour

    Style A4

    Lagging material for   conveyor non driving drum

    Style A5

    Ceramic slide   lagging drum under extreme conditions ( such as wet, mud, etc )

    Style A6

    Customized lagging   pads for special working conditions ( High temperature / low temperature

  • ● ( Crown type Slide Lagging are available according to clients requirements )

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Service item:

  1. DCCD ®/ HONGXIN® RUBBER provides complete technical support to ensure the products installed in time and run safety.

  2. The main purpose of technical support is to solve the products or technical problems which are beyond to the clients.

  3. Clients should provide necessary assistance during the services.


    Service Mode.

  4. Communications support: the engineers help to solve the problems by various means of communication, main including phone answer, video or graphic by email.

  5. Field support: onsite install and guide service is available according to clients requirement


    Working Procedure:

    For clients requirements, we will react quickly with 24 hours, no more than 48 hours at the latest.

  6. Give solutions by telephone

  7. The solution was obtained by experiment, then notify the clients.


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