DCCD® Conveyor Dust Control System
DCCD® provides professional dust control solution according to the conveyor dust and airflow direction, can effectively suppress more than 95% dust.
By reducing dust pollution and spillage, to provide customers with a clean and safe production environment.

Parts of Conveyor Dust Control System:

(1).DCCD ®Primary and Secondary Spray System

(2).Air guide bag

(3).DCCD® dust filter

(4).DCCD® dust curtain

(5).DCCD® airtight cabin full-scale filter system

(6).DCCD® Conveyor Dustproof Skirting Rubber Board System

(7).DCCD® Conveyor Seal Impact Group

(8).DCCD® Conveyor Seal Impact Group

(9).DCCD® Conveyor Belt Deviation Correction Roller System

DCCD® provides targeted conveyor dust control solutions according to the customer’s conveyor size and working conditions, and provides design, combination, installation and debugging services for DCCD® dust control system, make sure the system to better serve the customer’s working conditions and achieve the best dust control effect.

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Service item:

  1. DCCD ®/ HONGXIN® RUBBER provides complete technical support to ensure the products installed in time and run safety.

  2. The main purpose of technical support is to solve the products or technical problems which are beyond to the clients.

  3. Clients should provide necessary assistance during the services.


Service Mode:

  1. Communications support: the engineers help to solve the problems by various means of communication, main including phone answer, video or graphic by email.

  2. Field support: onsite install and guide service is available according to clients requirement


Working Procedure:

  1. For clients requirements, we will react quickly with 24 hours, no more than 48 hours at the latest.

  2. Give solutions by telephone

  3. The solution was obtained by experiment, then notify the clients.

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