Your Position :
Recruit 30 global partners


Recruit 30 global partners  

Work location: United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Czech Republic, Sweden, South Africa, Ethiopia, Australia, Vietnam, Canada, United States, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Be able to sell independently and complete the sales tasks in the area under its jurisdiction as required;

2. Develop customer resources, find potential customers, and maintain original customer resources;

3. Sign sales contracts, coordinate transportation, construction, and related accounting affairs;

4. Solve the problems raised by customers on sales and service;

5. Collect information on potential customers and industry information in the region under its jurisdiction;

6. According to actual needs, there will be irregular business trips every month.

job requirements:

1. Have working experience in the conveyor industry;

2. Understand the local conveyor system industry market and have a sufficient network of contacts;

3. Excellent communication skills;

4. Be able to provide customers with sincere service and help customers grow in business;

5. Ambitious to start a business

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